Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow Day!

Is there anything better than a Snow Day? (okay; I can think of MANY things better than a snow day but rhetorically speaking, in the winter, is there anything better than a snow day??
It affects me one of two ways:
1. I get very lazy.
2. I get very busy.
Knowing I didn't have to go anywhere today, all things being canceled, I knew today was the day to catch up on all the post holiday dirties. Floors that had many a footsie tread upon them. (yes, I realize that snowy feet would soon traipse across them. Oh well. Clean snow.) Stale looking things needing jazzing up. Bring the old mirror from sewing room and place in living room. Frame only three (of 112) of Vivie's photos that came in the mail Monday. Catch up on Sewing Room Things. Find an old bedspread in the basement, wash it and place it on our bed just for something different. Talk to Eldest/Admin and listen to The Vivers in the background. :D
I LOVE these kind of days!

As a young mama, Snow Days looked a bit different but it warms my heart just thinking of those long ago days.....
Children in and out all day. The smell of wet wool mittens, hats and scarves drying on the heat register. Mugs filling the sink after the hot chocolate is finished. Friends over and blocks, dolls, paints and papers spread throughout the house. Homemade egg noodles drying on strings near the kitchen ceiling. Chicken simmering, waiting for the hearty noodles. Bread rising and chocolate cake waiting for frosting. Something akin to domestic bliss overtook my senses on those wonderful Spontaneous Holidays known as Snow Days.

I hope you took advantage, to the best of your ability, your Snow Days...
Stay warm....

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  1. You know... I didn't even read this until now, but yesterday I was thinking all about those days too! That's why I took Vivie out in the snow... then made hot chocolate for Jon and I last night! I wasn't able to put into words (written) but I was totally reminiscing of those "Spontaneous Holidays known as Snow Day"!!!!!!!!


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